We build apps and find solutions.

Your success is our success.

We've got you covered.

We'll work with you in a way that suits your budget and risk profile; as well as your team's technical ability.

Too often, technology companies recommend shiny new technologies without taking factors such as in-house development skill, budget, maintenance costs and ease of finding technical skills into account. Some of these companies don't even have a very long track record with the technologies they recommend and jump between them often.

We can help you navigate the maze of technologies out there to find the gems between the hype.


We've been around since 2009 and we've seen the wheel get reinvented a hundred times. We'd love to help you and your team make sane and elegant technology choices based on your needs, not on what some analyst at Gartner says.

We build.

Need an app? Get in touch. We work with a range of cost-effective hybrid technologies that could be an excellent fit for your project.

We value honesty and transparency, so if your project isn't a fit for the technology that we use, we'll point you in the right direction. It isn't something that comes up often, but we'd rather have a happy acquaintance than an unhappy client.

We guide.

If you're a CTO, you know that it is nearly impossible to stay up to date with every new technology and development in the industry.

We can help you fill in the gaps with our team of experienced professionals. Whether you need advice on implementing a specific technology or need someone to look at the big picture - we can help.

We rescue.

Sometimes bad things happen to good projects.

That's why we offer a cost-effective 2-phase project rescue service that entails a quick analysis phase, followed by focused work sprints to tackle the most critical problems.

Speak to us today to schedule a no-obligation call to see if we can help you and your team back on track.

We value partnerships more than profit.

We understand that you have many options when choosing a technology partner.

We strive to provide a trustworthy service at a reasonable price, without extraneous services that bloat the bill.

You won't find us charging for all sorts of management fees, or hype filled buzzwords. We like to keep things simple, clear, and easy to understand.

We're here to foster long term working relationships.


Horses for courses 🦄

24 Feb 2020

Maximum overkill. Words that perfectly describe the lust the technology industry has for emulating everything tech behemoths like Google, Facebook, and Amazon do.

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Our Tools & Stack.

Choosing the right technology can be a challenge. When you're exploring the idea of building an app, all of the options could be overwhelming.

We are continually experimenting with different tools, methodologies, and technologies so that you don't have to.

We've been around since 2009, so we've seen our share of hype. We'd love to help you and your team make sane and elegant technology choices based on your needs, not on what some analyst at Gartner says.

Clients we've served.

We love working with passionate clients who are engaged with our team and invested in the solutions we provide.
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